Dinosaurs in Different Languages Providing Helpful Advice

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Introducing the Deinosoriaid

As part of Everything Dinosaur’s teaching activities, we get the opportunity to travel the length and breadth of the country delivering Earth Science related workshops to school children.  We also provide support to teachers outside of the UK via emails and such like.  One of the pleasures of doing such work is we get to see the amazing dinosaur themed projects that the children get involved with.

Everything Dinosaur

In a recent trip to North Wales (Gwynedd), we worked with Year 5 and Year 6 pupils who had just started a dinosaur themed topic for the term.

Dinosaurs in Different Languages

Dinosaurs in another name.

Picture credit: Ysgol y Gorlan (Tremadog)

It was fascinating to see the project work that the budding young palaeontologists had undertaken and intriguing to see a dinosaur topic delivered in the Welsh language.  The picture above shows part of the children’s wall display with the word “dinosaurs” written in Welsh.  The dinosaur workshops in school activities that team members undertake are popular in Wales as well as England.

“Dinosaures”, “Los Dinosaurios”, “Dinosaurier”

We come across the phrase “dinosaures”, “los dinosaurios”, “dinosaurier” – French, Spanish, German but we have not come across this phrase translated into Welsh – cool.

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