Papo New Prehistoric Animal Models (2012)

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Encountering Papo Prehistoric Animal Models at a Trade Show

Everything Dinosaur team members met up with staff from the French model and figure manufacturer Papo the other day.  Whilst with the Papo team we took a look at their trade stand and viewed some of the new, exciting 2012 model releases in the Papo “Les Dinosaures” range.

Encountering Some of the New Papo Models (2012)

Everything Dinosaur takes a look at the new Papo prehistoric animal models for 2012.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

Papo “Les Dinosaures”

We wanted to give an idea of the size and scale of the new models such as the running T. rex figure, the new baby T. rexes as well as the two juvenile Woolly Mammoth replicas, so we shot some quick video footage.  We promised Papo that we would post it up as soon as we could and within a day or two it is up on the Everything Dinosaur web log, as well as posted onto our Facebook page and Youtube channel.

A Papo Red Styracosaurus Dinosaur Model

Papo red Styracosaurus in left lateral view. Papo "Les Dinosaures" model range.
The Papo red Styracosaurus in left lateral view. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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We are looking forward to receiving these models shortly, they should be with Everything Dinosaur in a few days or so.  Great to see some new additions to the Papo “Les Dinosaures” – dinosaurs model range.

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