Woolly Mammoths and Tylosaurus from Papo

The first of the new Papo models have arrived at Everything Dinosaur.  Papo are intending to add a number of new replicas to their highly successful “Les Dinosaures” model range this year, ironically the first to arrive are not dinosaurs but two young Woolly Mammoths and a model of that fearsome, Late Cretaceous marine reptile – Tylosaurus.

“Les Dinosaures”

New 2012 Papo Prehistoric Animal Models

New additions to the Everything Dinosaur product range.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We are expecting the new tyrannosaur models to arrive shortly followed by the huge Brachiosaurus replica later on in the year.

Papo prehistoric animal models and figures in the “Les Dinosaures” model range: Papo “Les Dinosaures” Figures and Models.

These new additions to the Papo replica range, Papo Woolly Mammoths and a Papo Tylosaurus model keep up the high standards we have come to expect from this French figure manufacturer.

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