Prehistoric Times Reaches its Century

Prehistoric Times, the magazine for dinosaur fans and prehistoric animal merchandise collectors is celebrating its 100th edition.  Yes, in a feat not matched by any English batsman in the current Test series against Pakistan, Prehistoric Times (PT to its friends) has reached 100 not out.

Prehistoric Times

First of all we should congratulate all those dedicated people involved in producing such an excellent quarterly magazine.   Issue 100, in common with all the other editions of this magazine is absolutely jam-packed full of interesting articles, updates and Dinosauria related data.

Mike Fredericks, the dedicated editor of the magazine published the last issue with two different front covers, a boon for collectors, and in keeping with this very special publication, the 100th issue has also been produced with two front cover versions.  Spanish artist Raul Martin has provided the artwork for one of the covers.  His picture depicts an encounter between Deinosuchus and the tyrannosaur; Albertosaurus.  However, we received at Everything Dinosaur’s office the second front cover version.  A beautiful illustration done by our chum Fabio Pastori entitled “The Airbender”.  Fabio’s front cover picture features Albertosaurus, Gorgosaurus and a prehistoric bird known as Enantiornithes.   Super artwork – both pictures are worthy of gracing issue 100 of PT

 The Two Front Covers of Prehistoric Times

Celebrating 100th Issue with two front cover versions.

Picture credit: Raul Martin/Fabio Pastori

Inside this issue, palaeontologist Steve Brusatte provides a review of the last twelve months from a palaeontology perspective, there is a fascinating interview with the highly talented and entirely self-taught Australian artist Peter Schouten – some amazing prehistoric artwork indeed.

Another highlight is a thought provoking article by Tracy Lee Ford – asking the question “Could some Dinosaurs Perch?” For the answer, as to whether the likes of dromaeosaurs were arboreal – well, you will have to buy a copy and see for yourself what conclusions can be drawn.  Talking of drawings, lots of wonderful readers artwork in the features covering one of the front cover stars – Albertosaurus.  There is also a well-written article on our favourite pelycosaur – Dimetrodon, produced by Phil Hore.

Look out for the feature on the Royal Belgian Museum (iguanodontids a plenty) and an update on the Dinosaur discoveries of Portugal plus lots more (thanks for the Origin of the Series article to Anthony Beeson), and the Coelodonta replica masterclass by Steven B. DeMarco.

All in all, a super edition of PT, ten out of ten (or should that be 100 out of 100)?

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