Create a Prehistoric Landscape

Inspired by all the good ideas and suggestions sent into Everything Dinosaur by all those enthusiastic dinosaur fans we wrote and article for an Ezine site on how to build your very own dinosaur play set.  This is a fun and easy thing to do.  Best of all it uses materials that would only have ended up going to recycling or being thrown out.

We have built a number of table top play sets, these allow children to learn about dinosaurs through creative play.  It also provides a handy storage area for the dinosaur toys “to live” without us grown ups tripping over them as they lie on the floor.

A Prehistoric Landscape Designed by Schoolchildren

Class 3 build their own prehistoric landscape.
The prehistoric landscape created by class 3. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To read the article in full: Build Your Own Dinosaur Land.

With autumn in full swing in the UK, this is the time to collect pine cones and other other such objects, they make great cycad and seed fern substitutes and help to give your home-made prehistoric play set that very realistic look.  Give it a try, we built our first dinosaur play set in just a couple of hours and it kept our young dinosaur fans busy for a wet afternoon at half term.

For models and replicas of prehistoric animals including scale models of dinosaurs: Scale Models of Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals.