From Tucows to WordPress – Everything Dinosaur’s Blog Moves Home

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Everything Dinosaur’s Blog Moves to a New Home

Even old fossils like the team members at Everything Dinosaur have to move with the times.  The Everything Dinosaur web log has been functioning since late May 2007, to date, something like sixteen hundred articles and pictures have been published.  However, our hosting site has had to move house as Tucows announced that they would no longer be supporting the web log software we were using from early 2012.

Everything Dinosaur

So our blog has upped cyber sticks and moved to wordpress.  We have been assured that our geological tools will still be able to hammer out articles, news stories and other information related to the Dinosauria.  This is good news, as we have a big queue of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed articles waiting to go up.  The team members at Everything Dinosaur have been assured that even though our brains are about the size of a Compsognathus cerebrum on a good day, we will readily adapt to this new environment.  We shall see, it may take a few days to get our blog site looking tickety boo, but with a bit of luck and practice we will get there soon.

The Everything Dinosaur Corporate Logo

Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur logo. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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