A Sneak Preview New Prehistoric Animal Models for 2012 (Safari Ltd)

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Peeping Behind the Curtain 2012 – New Dinosaur Models

Next year might be the year of the London Olympics, but for us one of the biggest events in 2012 is going to be the launch of new prehistoric animal models from Safari Ltd.

It is always exciting to see the introduction of new models into Safari Limited’s prehistoric animal ranges and the high quality of recent years is being kept up by the latest releases to be announced.

The big news is that the Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles authentic scale model replicas is going to have a new sauropod.  To accompany the recently introduced Diplodocus, next year a Brachiosaurus in 1:50 scale is coming out.  We said it was big news, the model measures a colossal fifty-five centimetres in length.  It is going to take up pride of place in many a model fan’s collection.  This new replica builds on recent research into the Macronaria and depicts Brachiosaurus as less massive, less “porky” as it were.

“Arm Lizard” – a new model.

The neck is not fully upright, this is to our packing team’s relief as we anticipate a little bit of trouble getting this very large model to fit into padded envelopes for mailing out to customers.

In addition, Safari Ltd are adding four new replicas to their very well crafted Wild Safari Dinos range.  The new introductions are an eclectic bunch that is for sure, we have Dracorex, Ceratosaurus, Acrocanthosaurus and Vagaceratops.  The Dracorex is much more lithe than other models of this pachycephalosaur and it is good to see the “Dragon King of Hogwarts” in this replica range.  For fans of meat-eating dinosaurs you have the Jurassic Ceratosaurus and the Early Cretaceous Acrocanthosaurus to get your teeth into.  We made a friendly wager with another museum that we have not heard the last of Acrocanthosaurus and this American predator might well prove to be a contender for the biggest terrestrial carnivore of all time – we shall see.  Great to see another ceratopsian represented, a really nice model of Vagaceratops, a chasmosaurine whose remains are associated with Alberta and the Dinosaur Provincial Park Formation.

New models from Safari Ltd.

We are grateful to Safari Ltd for releasing the images to our Everything Dinosaur, team members.  We are all looking forward to 2012, looks like it is going to be an Olympic year for dinosaur replicas.

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