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“B” is for Blog Button or should that be “E”

Our collective photoshop skills are getting better, slowly but surely.  What a powerful tool this CS5 is and we are only just scraping the surface, a feeling that we get when we start the long, arduous and meticulous process of fossil preparation.  The main Everything Dinosaur website: Everything Dinosaur has long been linked to this blog site, but for the first time as part of the company’s on-going development there is a button on the home page.

As part of Everything Dinosaur’s work on the social media sites of YouTube and Facebook we have linked our main website to our other pages on these platforms.  In addition, this blog now has a button too.

The Everything Dinosaur “Blog Button”

Blog button.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The “E” shape is from our logo, which was originally taken from a modified drawing of a three-toed dinosaur footprint (theropod), it is interesting to note how this logo can be adapted to fit new roles.  The Everything Dinosaur blog has operated since late May 2007 and it now contains over 1,580 published articles and news stories featuring dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals.  Our intention is to put up a post every single day, it is hard work and we do have to divert resources away from our dinosaur toys and games, but we would not want to let down our many thousands of readers.