Exclusive Bedding and Matching Dinosaur Themed Curtains from Everything Dinosaur

New from Everything Dinosaur, our dinosaur themed bedding with matching dinosaur curtains.  British made from 100%, heavy duty cotton these new items are a welcome addition to our extensive dinosaur range.  The single dinosaur duvet set (measuring 200 cm x 140 cm wide) has a matching dinosaur pillow case and the curtains (made from the same dinosaur inspired fabric), measure 135 cm with a 140 cm drop.

Everything Dinosaur

The Dinosaur Themed Duvet Set and Matching Curtains

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

The material features four famous and very important dinosaurs, each one carefully chosen by our experts.  The sets are also supplied with fact sheets on the dinosaurs featured and scale drawings so that young dinosaur fans can add their own, unique finishing touches to their dinosaur themed room.

To view the extensive range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed toys and gifts available from Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Visit Everything Dinosaur’s Website.

The beautifully illustrated dinosaurs are Apatosaurus – chosen because young palaeontologists will know that this dinosaur used to be called Brontosaurus (we explain how this happened in the fact sheet that comes with these items), also included is Herrerasaurus, a big meat-eating dinosaur that represents dinosaurs of the Triassic and an ancestor of all the big, carnivorous dinosaurs that were to come later.  The design also features Protoceratops, known as the “sheep of the Cretaceous”, after all, what do you do when you go to sleep, count sheep or count dinosaurs!  We just had to have this all important and perhaps the most extensively researched dinosaur in our design.  Finally there is Troodon, perhaps the smartest dinosaur known in the fossil record, reflecting that clever young dinosaur fans will be able to spot this dinosaur and know exactly what it stands for and why it is important.

The fact sheets supplied with these items will help explain things for those adults who may not be as perceptive as the young palaeontologists in their family.

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