Volcanic Dust Cloud – How is it Affecting Everything Dinosaur?

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Icelandic Dust Cloud – Update on Airmail Services

Everything Dinosaur provides blog readers with an update on how the Icelandic volcanic dust cloud is affecting businesses.

The volcanic ash cloud has caused travel chaos for many people in the United Kingdom and Europe over the last few days.  There have also been concerns expressed regarding the lack of flights and how this may affect certain businesses.   The disruption has been unprecedented and the closure of air space has left many thousands of people stranded and a lot of air freight stuck, unable to be moved.

We have kept in touch with those carriers and couriers that ship Everything Dinosaur orders overseas.  One of our concerns has been the effect of the closure of airports on the transportation of airmail orders and other products being shipped abroad.

Icelandic Volcanic Dust Cloud

Delays may be inevitable as the movement of goods by air continues to be severely disrupted.  For example, in our discussions with Royal Mail they have suggested that flights may not resume again until Thursday (April 22nd) and there is a considerable backlog of mail and parcels to clear.

It is Business as Normal (Nearly) Despite the Icelandic Volcano Dust Cloud

Everything Dinosaur Icelandic volcanic dust cloud interrupts business activities for a few days.

Committed to helping our customers.  Icelandic volcanic dust cloud has affected businesses but Everything Dinosaur has put into place contingency plans.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

We do everything we can to turn around orders quickly.  For example, we packed orders on Saturday morning to ensure delays were minimised and that parcels could be sent out Monday to at least enter the postal or courier system.  Hopefully, the volcanic eruptions will diminish or at least the ash cloud will disperse and normal air freight service will be resumed.

Please be patient, we have tried our best to get orders sent out as quickly as we could, but there will be inevitable delays with airmail and other airfreight deliveries.

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