Providing a Key to the Prehistoric Animal Model Sets

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Identifying the Creatures Represented in our Prehistoric Animal Model Sets (PAR)

At Everything Dinosaur we tend to pride ourselves in the product knowledge that we possess.  Certainly, nothing gets added to our ranges unless it has been thoroughly tested and approved by our dinosaur experts.  This can prove extremely handy when we get asked questions by mums and dads about prehistoric animal model sets.

For example, we supply an in expensive range of prehistoric animal models.  These models can be purchased individually or in sets of 5, 10 or 20.  They make ideal party favour gifts and are very reasonably priced, however, we do get asked from time to time to identify all the models and name the creatures they represent.

The Prehistoric Animal Model Set from Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Prehistoric Animal Model Sets

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No matter how small, we look at every single item in our range very carefully and select new products based on our own testing and with the approval of our enthusiastic and knowledgeable dinosaur fans.  We want models to represent real prehistoric animals and we set out to identify the animals these animals are supposed to be.

This work comes in very handy when we are telephoned or emailed by a parent, whose dinosaur mad little boy or girl is insisting that they find out the names of the animals the models depict.  With this particular series of models, there is a key code printed unobtrusively on the underside of each model.  Our experts have then produced an identification key which is available for customers to download on request.  The key also contains a pronunciation guide and an explanation of the meaning of the scientific name.

Our experts like this particular model range as some of the more unusual prehistoric creatures are featured, animals such as Plateosaurus and Placerias from the Triassic as well as all the favourites such as Stegosaurus, Pteranodon and T. rex.

The Key to Identifying the Prehistoric Animal Models

Helping to identify prehistoric animals for customers.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur (PAR0 Model series)

This particular model series contains a total of 24 different models and our experts have studied each model in turn, identified it and created a key to help young palaeontologists identify which ones in the series are in their own sets.