Excavate a Dinosaur Skull Kit

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Excavate a Dinosaur Skull Kit – Build your own Museum in your Bedroom

Everything Dinosaur announces a new addition to its Young Scientist range of science based educational products – the excavate your own dinosaur skull kit.  Each kit contains a gypsum block inside of which there are pieces of a dinosaur’s skull for young palaeontologists to carefully excavate.  The kit contains the tools required to do the job, digging tools and a brush just like a real palaeontologist’s tools when they are digging around fossil bone.  There is even glue and a display stand so that budding dinosaur excavators can display they finds.

The Dinosaur Skull Excavation Kit from Everything Dinosaur

Picture Credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Turn your bedroom into a miniature museum with this range of dinosaur skulls for you to excavate and mount.  There are three in the series to collect and this product is suitable for children as young as 4 years (with a little supervision from Mums and Dads).

Dinosaur skulls are perhaps the most important component of the dinosaur fossilised skeleton.  Differences in skull shape and size helps scientists determine whether or not the fossil may represent a new species.  Skulls and jaws can tell palaeontologists a great deal about the animal.  For example, what it ate, how it looked and it can even provide information on how important some of its senses like sight and smell might have been.

Can you build the skull and create your own dinosaur museum?