New Papo Dinosaur Models from Everything Dinosaur

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New Papo Models Available from Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur announces new Papo dinosaur models.

As Everything Dinosaur continues to expand, we are delighted to announce that we have strengthened our relationship with Papo of France and we have received more stocks from their dinosaur model range.  Formed in 1983, Papo as a company has undergone a number of management changes over the years, but the quality of the prehistoric animal figures is in no doubt.  Recent introductions such as the Allosaurus and Spinosaurus figures have won acclaim from professional palaeontologists and collectors alike.  Whilst other model manufacturers may be reducing their product lines, it seems that Papo are prepared to invest in new models which means they will bring out more Papo dinosaurs.

Some of the Papo Prehistoric Animal Models

Papo dinosaur models.

Papo dinosaur models – an extensive range of model dinosaurs.

Papo Dinosaur Models

To visit the Papo model pages and other dinosaur models: Papo Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Models.

The picture aboves shows the Cretaceous herbivores Parasaurolophus and Pachyrhinosaurus (a new model for 2010) plus the Jurassic Stegosaurus, just part of the range of prehistoric animal models from Papo of France, or as the French say “dinosaures” which is a little inappropriate as the range includes a Pteranodon (pterosaur not a dinosaur), prehistoric mammals and highly detailed models of cavemen.