Countdown to Article 1,000 on the Everything Dinosaur Blog

Since the start of this web log back in May 2007, we at Everything Dinosaur have tried to post an article everyday.  This has not always been easy, what with our workload and our busy jobs, however, we are approaching the landmark of 1,000 on line articles, which we think for a company made up of parents, teachers and dinosaur enthusiasts is quite an achievement.

Countdown to our 1,000th Article

There are many millions of web logs, and we do appreciate the hard work that goes into writing them.  For our part, the Everything Dinosaur blog provides a free resource for dinosaur fans to learn more about palaeontology and to catch up with some of the latest news and discoveries.  Recently, we are asked by a research team at a UK based university to participate in a survey on the use of web logs.  The survey consisted of a number of closed-ended and open-ended questions covering our objectives, our aims for putting the web log together.   As we approach our 1,000th article, by our calculations; the 1,000 article landmark will be reached this weekend, perhaps we ought to reflect on the reasons for starting this blog.

Everything Dinosaur – Preparing for Blog Post Number 1,000

Everything Dinosaur

Presenting an image to the world. Preparing for our 1,000th blog post.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Everything Dinosaur

The simple truth is that our team members enjoy reading about and writing about palaeontology.  These last few years have been described as a “Golden Age” for the science, what with new fossil finds, new theories and new techniques being employed to find out more about prehistory.  The blog has provided a forum permitting two-way communication and helped teachers with school projects as well as fired the imaginations of dinosaur fans.  We have let school children ask questions and have their answers published, we have put up drawings and comments from young dinosaur fans as well as feedback  from eminent academics.  With a new dinosaur species being named and described every few weeks on average, it seems that our web log will have plenty of material to keep us going.

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