Dinosaur Quiz Box Game – Dinosaur Inspired Game

Test your knowledge about dinosaurs and prehistoric animals with this super fun, dinosaur quiz box game.  Learn about prehistoric animals using this dinosaur based memory game, suitable for children from 6 years and upwards, although during our testing, children as young as five years got the hang of it and dazzled us with their knowledge.  To be played by one or more players, each competitor has ten seconds (as timed by the sand egg timer provided in the set), to memorise the prehistoric animal information on the card they have selected.  They are then challenged to answer a question on what they have just read and seen.  If they answer correctly they get to keep the card, if they don’t, the card goes to their opponent.  The winner is the one, who after an agreed playing time has the most cards.

The Dinosaur Quiz Box Game

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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A Dinosaur Quiz

Packed full of fascinating dinosaur themed facts and figures, this is a super game to help develop young minds, help them with their memory and to assist in the development of concentration.  We found that children were learning whilst having fun.

A great Christmas present or general gift idea for budding palaeontologists.