Sales and Exports of Dinosaur Models a Roaring Success

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Dinosaur Models a Roaring Success

Sales of dinosaur models from Everything Dinosaur, keep going up and up, our dedicated team are really making Everything Dinosaur a roaring success.  However, with so many new prehistoric animals currently being prepared as prototypes it looks like we shall all have to undergo extra training so that we can identify them all to make sure they get packed into the parcels ready for despatch.

Dinosaur Models a Roaring Success

T. rex roars!

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Models

With Christmas only just around the corner, it looks our team members are going to have their hands full, but at least the warehouse and the offices are snug and warm, now that the new layout has been sorted.

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Prehistoric Animal Figures

We have moved around a few products and changed some shelving this should make our turn around of parcels even quicker.  Our best time so far (an official record), is thirty-three minutes from receipt of order to it actually being collected and processed, we shall see if we can beat this in the run up to the festive season.