Bedtime Stories Helping Youngsters to Get to Sleep

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Bedtime Stories – Persuading a Three Year old to Sleep in Their Own Room

One of the amazing things about bringing up children is that unlike a new TV or computer they arrive without a set of instructions.  We are all thrust into the joys of parenting, and as we struggle to raise our offspring all sorts of problems are encountered and parents have to find a way of overcoming them.

For example, we were contacted by a Mum and Dad who were getting a little fraught, their young son (aged 3), was having trouble sleeping alone in his room at night.  He kept coming into the parent’s bedroom and he just wouldn’t settle.  This is quite a common problem with children having to get used to sleeping in their own room.  At three years of age, they are striving to become independent in so many ways, but at night many young children feel uncomfortable alone and seek the reassurance of their Mum and Dad.


This little boy is obsessed with dinosaurs, so the parents decided to provide him with a dinosaur mural so that his bedroom could become his very own “dinosaur land”.  Everything Dinosaur supplied the wall mural (10 feet by 8 feet tall) and this was duly put up over the weekend.

On the Monday night, the little boy slept right through the night, happy to be in his own room surrounded by his dinosaurs and his fantastic new bedroom mural.

The Dinosaur Wall Mural

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Lots of Different Prehistoric Animals

The wall mural features lots and lots of different dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.  It makes a very attractive and inexpensive addition to a dinosaur fan’s room.  Great news for Mums and Dads, it is easy to put up, we even put one up on our warehouse wall, next to our dinosaur soft toys.

To view the extensive selection of dinosaur and prehistoric animal themed toys and gifts, take a look at Everything Dinosaur’s award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur.

This little boy is so taken with his new “dinosaur land” that anyone who visits the house is now taken upstairs to see it and the Mum and Dad tell us that they now have a slightly different problem, getting the little boy out of his room.

All’s well that ends well, nice to know that dinosaurs can have a role in helping parents with toddlers and getting them to settle down for the night.