A Fossil Gift Box Featuring Real Fossils

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A Fossil Gift Box – just in time for Christmas

Looking for an unusual, interesting and educational gift idea?  Try the fossil gift box containing three real fossils that stretch back as far as the Carboniferous period.  This memorable and educational gift provides a great introduction to the joys and excitement of fossil collecting.  The set features an ammonite, a straight shelled Orthoceras and a fossilised shark tooth (tooth dates from the Palaeogene).  All fossils have been sourced from reputable authorities and they are presented in their own little gift box.

The Fossil Gift Box from Everything Dinosaur

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Fossil Gift Box

As well as the polished sharks tooth, the set contains a bisected and polished ammonite fossil sourced from Madagascar that dates from the Cretaceous and the polished internal fossil of an Orthoceras, a straight shelled cephalopods related to the ammonites.  This particular fossil dates from the Carboniferous and has been sourced from North Africa (Morocco).

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The fossils are very attractive and finely detailed.  Purchasing a gift from Everything Dinosaur and you may go on to inspire the next generation of palaeontologists.