Aussie Dinosaur in the Nude

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Muttaburrasaurus Skeleton used in Nude Calendar

It seems that after a group of WI ladies in Britain decided to raise money for charity by posing for a slightly risqué calendar a few years ago, the idea of a bit of local nudity in aid of a good cause has caught on.  Even a dinosaur, a Muttaburrasaurus to be precise, has got in on the act.

The locals in the tiny town of Muttaburra in Queensland (Australia), decided to produce their own nude calendar featuring the town residents.  This is a project developed by Muttaburra’s Community Development Association (CDA) with the aim of raising money for an ambulance defibrillator and for the local school.

Muttaburra is famous for the Muttaburrasaurus dinosaur that was discovered in the area.  It is the most complete fossilised dinosaur found in Australia.  Muttaburrasaurus was an iguanodontid with an estimated length of 7 metres or more, it lived during the Early Cretaceous.

Kerry Robinson, secretary of the CDA says that she had no problems persuading people to take their clothes off for the calendar and some interesting props were used, including the Muttaburrasaurus.

Ms Robinson commented:

“The man who found the dinosaur posed at the dinosaur with his wife.”

Dinosaurs and fossils generally do get used in some fascinating projects, and this was for a good cause.  At least the dinosaur is unlikely to complain as this particular type of ornithopod has been extinct for something like 100 million years.