At Everything Dinosaur, we are contacted by lots of people every day. We receive emails, social media messages and comments. We also receive messages via the chat software on our website. Take for example, this wonderful customer comment that came in from the website chat.

 A lovely customer comment received by Everything Dinosaur.
Our thanks for this succinct and well-judged customer comment. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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Thanks for the Customer Comment

The customer has written:

“Hi, thanks for high quality products”.

From the email address associated with this kind message, we think this communication came from the USA.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur, thanked the customer for contacting the company and stated:

“We read and review all the messages that we receive. This is quite a task given that we have customers all over the world. We are contacted hundreds of times, but we do our best to respond to all those that require a reply.”

Thank you once again for your kind words.

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