CollectA Dreadnoughtus A New Video Review

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Everything Dinosaur team members have posted up a CollectA Dreadnoughtus video review. This short video, it lasts under ten minutes, can be found on the company’s YouTube channel. The video discusses the fossil material associated with this titanosaur and examines a Dreadnoughtus prototype model in detail.

Everything Dinosaur’s video review of the CollectA Deluxe 1:100 Scale Dreadnoughtus.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

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CollectA Dreadnoughtus Video Review

Recently, Everything Dinosaur in collaboration with CollectA announced the second batch of new for 2024 prehistoric animal figures. The Dreadnoughtus video provides an overview of the CollectA Deluxe replica. It is due to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur early in 2024.

CollectA Deluxe video review.
The Dreadnoughtus figure that features in the CollectA Deluxe video review. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

To view the range of CollectA Deluxe scale prehistoric animal models currently in stock: CollectA Deluxe Prehistoric Life Models.

Video Contents
0:00 – Introducing Dreadnoughtus.
0:30 – Dreadnoughtus Prototype.
1:04 – Subscribe!
1:15 – Reviewing the Prototype!
3:28 – Dreadnoughtus Fossils.
4:48 – Debate about the Weight!
6:09 – The Dreadnoughtus Name.
7:17 – Available early 2024.
7:46 – Question of the Day!
8:42 – Follow us on Social Media.
9:09 – Where to Buy CollectA Models.
9:40 – Thank You!

Dreadnoughtus schrani

This huge sauropod was formally described in 2014 (Lacovara et al). Fossils representing two individual animals were excavated from outcrops of the Cerro Fortaleza Formation in Santa Cruz Province, Patagonia. The discovery of well-preserved limb bones enabled the research team to use limb bone circumference calculations to estimate the body weight of this leviathan. At the time of publication, it was suggested that Dreadnoughtus could have weighed more than 59 tonnes. The specimen upon which this body mass estimate was based, was not fully grown.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that this new for 2024 CollectA figure would be in stock early in 2024. No arrival date had been confirmed at this time, but the figure could be in stock around March 2024.

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