The New CollectA Deluxe Koolasuchus Reviewed

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The Everything Dinosaur CollectA Deluxe Koolasuchus video review has been posted up. The video is available on the company’s YouTube channel and also on the Everything Dinosaur social media pages. It provides an overview of the figure and explains how this aquatic predator was able to survive in a polar landscape.

The Everything Dinosaur video review of the recently introduced 1:20 scale Koolasuchus model.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

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The video is under nine minutes in duration. It introduces the figure, and the narrator provides some information about Koolasuchus fossils and temnospondyls. Key characteristics of the CollectA 1:20 scale model are commented upon. For example, the unique skin colouration is highlighted along with the diagnostic patterns on the skull. In addition, the amazing jaw is discussed, complete with its fang-like projections.

CollectA Deluxe Koolasuchus cleelandi model
The CollectA Deluxe (Other Prehistoric Animals) 1:20 scale Koolasuchus cleelandi model, due to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the middle of 2023.

Getting Feedback from Collectors

The video also provides an excellent opportunity to receive feedback from collectors. Towards the end of the review, the narrator introduces the “Question of the Day”.

What other type of prehistoric amphibian would you like CollectA to make?

Viewers are encouraged to send in their suggestions for new CollectA models.

To view the scale CollectA models available from Everything Dinosaur: CollectA Deluxe and Supreme Prehistoric Animal Figures.

The Video Running Order

The video is split into thirteen segments. CollectA’s manufacturing challenges are discussed, and viewers are invited to subscribe to the Everything Dinosaur channel. Evidence of a warming climate that may have led to the eventual demise of the last temnospondyls known to science is reviewed.

Video Contents
0:00 – Introducing Koolasuchus.
0:30 – CollectA Deluxe Koolasuchus.
0:54 – CollectA Products in 2023.
1:40 – Subscribe!
1:51 – The Last Temnospondyl!
2:37 – Living in a Polar Climate.
3:32 – Outcompeted by Crocodiles!
4:10 – Walking with Dinosaurs.
4:53 – Skin Colouration.
5:39 – Skull a Typical Temnospondyl!
6:12 – The Amazing Jaw!
6:54 – Question of the Day!
7:48 – In Stock at Everything Dinosaur.

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