CollectA Deluxe Dreadnoughtus Video Review

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The next Everything Dinosaur YouTube review will feature the recently announced new for 2024 CollectA Deluxe Dreadnoughtus model. It is likely to be posted up on the company’s YouTube channel later this week. The video will feature a Dreadnoughtus 1:100 scale prototype figure.

CollectA Deluxe Dreadnoughtus video review.
We will post up shortly (within 2-3 days) a video review featuring a CollectA Deluxe Dreadnoughtus prototype dinosaur model. The video will be hosted on the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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CollectA Deluxe Dreadnoughtus YouTube Video Review

A spokesperson for the UK-based mail order company explained that the video was currently being edited and there was a short section describing the fossil discovery still to be filmed. It was hoped that the YouTube video would be posted up in a few days.

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CollectA Deluxe Dreadnoughtus in posterior view.
The CollectA Deluxe Dreadnoughtus in posterior view.

Dreadnoughtus was scientifically described in 2014 (Lacovara et al). Although body mass estimates have been challenged it remains one of the largest terrestrial vertebrates known to science. The genus contains a single species D. schrani. Two skeletons were found, and between them about 45% of the total skeleton of this huge titanosaur has been documented and described.

Dreadnoughtus Video

The video will highlight some of the features on the prototype model. It will cover colour choice, the arrangement of the dermal armour and the inclusion of thumb claws. The narrator will ask what other sauropod figures would you like CollectA to make?

This video is one of a series of Everything Dinosaur YouTube videos that focus on the new model introductions from CollectA. The CollectA Deluxe Dreadnoughtus video review will be posted up on the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel in a few days.

The actual model will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur early in 2024.

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