PNSO Samuel the Alamosaurus Model

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PNSO is to add a replica of the Late Cretaceous Alamosaurus to its model range. This superb replica of a North American sauropod is due to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur before the end of the year. The PNSO Alamosaurus dinosaur model measures 41.5 cm long. The Alamosaurus figure is 18.5 cm tall.

PNSO Samuel the Alamosaurus dinosaur model.
The superb PNSO Samuel the Alamosaurus dinosaur model is roaming the landscape.

The PNSO Alamosaurus Dinosaur Model

Samuel the Alamosaurus is the latest sauropod to be added to the impressive PNSO model range. It will be supplied with a Sci-Art, colour poster (A3-sized). In addition, a QR code on the packaging will link customers to a video about this huge dinosaur. The Alamosaurus packaging will also contain a 64-page, full-colour booklet illustrating this herbivore.

PNSO Samuel the Alamosaurus accessories.
The new for late 2023 PNSO Alamosaurus model is supplied with an A3-sized colour poster and a 64-page booklet.

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Alamosaurus sanjuanensis

Alamosaurus sanjuanensis was named and described in 1922. Fossils associated with this huge dinosaur have been found in numerous Upper Cretaceous exposures covering the south-western United States. Size estimates vary, but a body length of around thirty metres has been proposed. Alamosaurus is the largest dinosaur described to date from Upper Cretaceous deposits of North America.

The notes that Everything Dinosaur received from PNSO made no reference to model scale. If this dinosaur did have a length of around thirty metres, then the PNSO Alamosaurus figure would be in an approximate scale of 1:72.

PNSO Samuel the Alamosaurus model measurements.
This impressive titanosaur figure stands 28.5 cm high and is 41.5 cm in length.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that the PNSO Alamosaurus was due to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the middle of December (2023).

The spokesperson added:

“This is a fine titanosaur replica. We note that the design team at PNSO have added dermal armour. We think this is a hypothetical reconstruction. Although dermal armour is known in other titanosaurs, we are not sure whether fossilised scutes or osteoderms have been directly assigned to this genus.”

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