The new for 2023 PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus dinosaur model is soon to arrive at the Everything Dinosaur warehouse. Team members expect delivery in a week or so.

PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus.
The PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus dinosaur model.

Mapusaurus roseae

Mapusaurus is known from fossil material excavated from fluvial deposits associated with the Huincul Formation of Argentina. This large theropod was formally named and scientifically described in 2006 (Coria and Currie). Mapusaurus (M. roseae) was coeval with the super-sized titanosaur Argentinosaurus.

Palaeontologists have proposed that this carcharodontosaurid specialised in hunting sauropods. Large groups of Mapusaurus could have harassed a herd of titanosaurs and separated an individual. This animal might have been mobbed and attacked by several of the much smaller predators in a largely uncoordinated attack. The meat-eaters could have bitten off chunks of flesh that weakened their victim. The enormous Argentinosaurus could have eventually succumbed to its wounds.

The carcase of a large Argentinosaurus could have fed carnivorous dinosaurs for several weeks. The corpse would have probably attracted a huge number of scavengers.

Mila the Mapusaurus (PNSO).
An apex predator – the Mapusaurus dinosaur model from PNSO.

Mila the Mapusaurus

The PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus dinosaur model is supplied with a sci-art poster, a clear, plastic support stand and a full-colour, illustrated Mapusaurus booklet. A QR code on the product packaging provides dinosaur fans access to a short video that explains how the model was created.

PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus accessories.
The new for 2023 PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus figure is supplied with a transparent support stand, a sci-art poster and a full-colour, sixty-four-page booklet.

Dinosaur Model with an Articulated Lower Jaw

The stunning Mapusaurus model has incredible details and has already attracted many positive comments from dinosaur fans and model collectors. It measures 36 cm in length and the figure stands a fraction under 11 cm high. Mila the Mapusaurus dinosaur model has an articulated lower jaw.

PNSO Mila the Mapusaurus.
The new PNSO carcharodontosaurid dinosaur model (Mapusaurus) has an articulated lower jaw.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised the PNSO design team and commented:

“We are really pleased to see a Mapusaurus model being introduced by the highly respected team at PNSO.”

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