Our thanks to model collector Elizabeth who gave Everything Dinosaur access to some images of her customised Dino Dan Zuul dinosaur model. The armoured dinosaur figure has been repainted by the very talented Martin Garratt. The British model maker also gave Zuul a skilfully crafted display base.

Dino Dana Zuul dinosaur model adapted by Martin Garratt
The Dino Dana Zuul model adapted by Martin Garratt and placed on a bespoke display base. Picture credit: Elizabeth.

The Dino Dana Zuul Dinosaur Model

The recently introduced Dino Dana Zuul dinosaur model, is part of the Safari Ltd range of prehistoric animal figures. This armoured dinosaur figure, a representation of Zuul crurivastator, has been praised by model collectors. The standard figure is predominantly green. Martin has chosen to give the dinosaur a different colour scheme.

Zuul dinosaur model
The Wild Safari Prehistoric World Zuul dinosaur model in lateral view.

When this ankylosaurid from the Judith Formation of Montana was announced, Danielle Dufault was commissioned to provide an illustration which accompanied the media release. The Canadian illustrator painted her Zuul green. This motif was reflected in the colour scheme chosen by Safari Ltd for the figure.

To read Everything Dinosaur’s blog post about the discovery of this armoured dinosaur and to learn about its connection to a film that was released in 1984: Zuul – the Destroyer of Shins.

Adding a Display Base

Martin Garratt has placed the figure on a display base which is in proportion to the armoured dinosaur model. In her email to Everything Dinosaur, Elizabeth explained that she wanted the base to have an element of height. The elevation would off-set the relatively squat appearance of Zuul. Elizabeth also requested that the display base should have plenty of plants to keep this herbivore happy. Zuul has been displayed in a lush environment. The verdant colours of the plants that Martin has added contrast nicely with the colouration of the model.

Dino Dana Zuul dinosaur model.
The beautifully painted Zuul figure. Picture credit: Elizabeth.

The presence of the large, sloping boulder on the base provides the element of height the collector was after.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Our thanks to Elizabeth for permitting us access to the photographs. Martin has produced another little masterpiece. The colour scheme he has chosen makes the spectacular armour on this dinosaur stand out.”

Zuul dinosaur model in dorsal view.
A dorsal view of the customised Zuul figure showing the care and attention taken to depict the armour. Picture credit: Elizabeth.

We thank Elizabeth for permitting access to the images of her latest, spectacular addition to her model collection.

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