A few years ago, Everything Dinosaur visited Sandbrook Community Primary. Team members had been contracted to deliver some dinosaur themed workshops with the Reception classes as a provocation for the start of the term topic. As part of the teaching team’s scheme of work, a large strip of white paper had been laid out on the floor and children had been challenged to create some dinosaur footprints on it.

Using a foam cut which had been dipped in paint, the children were able to walk along a strip of paper and produce some super dinosaur tracks.

dinosaur footprints
Dinosaur footprints created by Reception children. Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

Dinosaur Footprints

During the lunch break one of our dinosaur and fossil experts was allowed to return to the classroom to take some pictures of the children’s work whilst the children were either on lunch or playing outside. We praised the teaching team for their innovative scheme of work. We also praised the teachers for managing to keep the classroom floor so clean!

Visit Everything Dinosaur’s website: Everything Dinosaur.

Young Palaeontologists

Team members were soon back to work delivering the afternoon workshops. The young palaeontologists in the Reception class had a wonderful time, some of the Nursery school staff came in to take a look at the activities. The Nursery school staff were due to have an inspection that week and they wanted to pick up some ideas on lesson plans.

As part of our follow-up work, we set the children a few challenges. Could they produce a dinosaur drawing? Could they count all the green dinosaur feet on the floor? How would they get on with the dinosaur hokey-cokey song we supplied?

A teacher enquired about soft toy dinosaurs helping to reinforce learning. We were happy to supply further information and advice.

For dinosaur soft toys: Soft Toy Dinosaurs.

It was a most enjoyable day. Team members were also able to email over additional information to assist the teaching team.