Preparing for the New Zhuchengtyrannus Model

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The new for 2022 PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus dinosaur model is due to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the next few days and team members have been busy completing the free fact sheet on this fearsome dinosaur that we send out with product purchases.

As part of our preparations, we have created a scale drawing for our free fact sheet. Zhuchengtyrannus might not be the best-known member of the Tyrannosauridae family but based on the fragmentary fossils ascribed to this genus it is the largest tyrannosaur described from Asia known to science.

Zhuchengtyrannus scale drawing.
Everything Dinosaur’s scale drawing of the giant, Late Cretaceous Asian tyrannosaur Zhuchengtyrannus (Z. magnus).

PNSO Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus Dinosaur Model

The PNSO Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus dinosaur model is due to arrive along with several other new for 2022 PNSO figures in the next few days (expected early April 2022). As well as containing the PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus other new PNSO models in the shipment include Jennie the Centrosaurus and Anthony the Styracosaurus along with the 1:35 scale new Triceratops, Tsintaosaurus and Harvey the Iguanodon.

PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus dinosaur model
The new for 2022 PNSO Zhuchengtyrannus model. This fearsome Late Cretaceous theropod was formally named and described in 2011 (Hone et al).

Preparing for Zhuchengtyrannus

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“PNSO have earned a formidable reputation over the last few years or so for the excellence of their prehistoric animal models and figures. More new models will be announced in the near future, for the time being we are just delighted to be getting these fantastic dinosaur figures into stock.”

New PNSO dinosaur models (2022)
Six new for 2022 PNSO dinosaur models are due in stock at Everything Dinosaur in a few days. Top row Harvey the Iguanodon (left), Doyle the Triceratops (centre) and Anthony the Styracosaurus. On the bottom row – (left) Jennie the Centrosaurus, Lu Xiong the Zhuchengtyrannus (centre) and Xiaoqin the Tsintaosaurus (right).

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