New Rebor Saurophaganax Dinosaur Models in Stock

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The Rebor Saurophaganax maximus dinosaur models are in stock at Everything Dinosaur. This trio of terrific 1:35 scale dinosaur figures – “Jungle”, “Badlands” and “Volcanic Cavern” have arrived at Everything Dinosaur’s warehouse. Each figure has an articulated lower jaw, moveable arms and a flexible tail. The S. maximus replicas are supplied with a data card and an Everything Dinosaur Saurophaganax fact sheet.

Three Rebor Saurophaganax dinosaur models.
The Rebor Saurophaganax maximus dinosaur model comes in three colour variants “Jungle” (left), “Badlands” centre and “Volcanic Cavern” (right). Each model measures around 41. 5 cm in length and has a declared scale of 1:35.

A Trio of Colourful Theropods

These Rebor replicas represent one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs known from the Late Jurassic. Size estimates vary, but Saurophaganax maximus is regarded as the biggest carnivore described to date from fossil material associated with the famous Morrison Formation. Some palaeontologists have suggested that this dinosaur could have reached 13 metres or more in length. The discovery of a femur (thigh bone) in New Mexico, which is more than a metre long and isolated teeth measuring in excess of 12 cm indicate that this member of the Allosauridae family was a formidable, super-sized predator.

A trio of Rebor Saurophaganax models.
Three in a row! The three new for 2022 Rebor Saurophaganax maximus dinosaur models. Foreground “Jungle” colour scheme, middle “Badlands” and in the background “Volcanic Cavern”. A line of Saurophaganax maximus 1:35 scale models.

Rebor Saurophaganax maximus “Notorious Big”

Rebor has nicknamed their Saurophaganax “Notorious Big”, perhaps in recognition of this dinosaur’s estimated size. The genus was originally erected based on observed differences in the shape of the backbones (vertebrae). Palaeontologists remain uncertain as to the validity of this genus, the fossil material could represent large Allosaurus individuals, after all, Allosaurus itself has become something of a taxonomic wastebasket and revision of fossil material has led to erection of a third species Allosaurus jimmadseni: A New Species of Allosaurus A. jimmadseni.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is wonderful to see a scale replica of Saurophaganax introduced to the Rebor range. Several theropods have been named from fossils found in Morrison Formation deposits, megalosaurs such as Torvosaurus and Marshosaurus, numerous species of Ceratosaurus plus other ceratosaurs too and of course, allosauroids. Of all these fearsome predators associated with the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, Saurophaganax maximus is regarded by many palaeontologists as being the largest described to date.”

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