Explorers of Deep Time Video Script

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Team members at Everything Dinosaur have been busy making preparations for a free to enter Facebook competition to win a copy of the brilliant “Explorers of Deep Time” by the eminent American palaeontologist Roy Plotnick.

The competition will be up on the company’s Facebook site in the very near future (March 2022).

Please note the competition is now closed!

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Explorers of Deep Time front cover
The front cover of “Explorers of Deep Time” by eminent American palaeontologist Roy Plotnick. The book provides a behind the scenes look at what it is actually like to work as a palaeontologist. Picture credit: Columbia University Press.

A YouTube Video Linking the Facebook Competition

The plan is to produce a video outlining the details of the book competition on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel. The video can provide a short review of “Explorers of Deep Time” and give details on how to enter the contest to win a copy of the book.

Everything Dinosaur promotes "Explorers of Deep Time"
A still from Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube video reviewing “Explorers of Deep Time” and explaining the free to enter competition.

A script has been written for that part of the video that reviews “Explorers of Deep Time” by Roy Plotnick.

Here are the details:

Dedicated to Arnold and Mildred who we suspect were the author’s parents, the book is divided into four, carefully crafted general sections, each one exploring an element of what it is like to work in the Earth sciences.

For example, there is a chapter on working in the field, liberally sprinkled with contributions from an eclectic range of scientists and researchers at all stages of their careers who describe their own field work experiences. Roy’s enthusiasm for field work is skilfully reflected in his writing, after all, the chapter is entitled “Attending Marvels”.

Although there are black and white photos of fossils, this book is not about the fossils themselves but about the lives and careers of the people who collect them.

Chapter six entitled “Cool Toys” looks at the vast number of new research techniques and methodologies now used in palaeontology. Don’t expect numerous pictures, tables and diagrams, but interwoven into the narrative are lots of anecdotes from real scientists who discuss their experiences, their trials and triumphs as they pursue their careers.

Roy Plotnick concludes “Explorers of Deep Time” with a chapter headed “Last Thoughts”. In it he provides a S.W.O.T. analysis that looks at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with pursuing a career path in palaeontology. An excellent ready reckoner for anyone considering working in the Earth sciences.

Roy Plotnick and "Old White Male" challenging stereotypes.
The author provides a S.W.O.T. analysis which examines the advantages and disadvantages of a career in the Earth sciences. Picture credit: Roy Plotnick (University of Illinois).

Roy, who describes himself as an “Old, White Male” champions diversity and he ardently supports greater inclusiveness in science disciplines.

The book has been very well received amongst fellow academics, as demonstrated by the glowing reviews, some of which are featured on the back cover. Including one from the very talented Victoria Arbour, a world-renowned authority on armoured dinosaurs.

Explorers of Deep Time gets a big thumbs up from Everything Dinosaur.

Please note the competition is now closed!

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