Important News as Plans to Put Product Videos onto Company Website Suspended

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In late January, Everything Dinosaur announced plans to add short videos to the product pages of its award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur however, the lack of a suitable plug-in to facilitate videos without compromising the site speed has led to a suspension of the project.

Everything Dinosaur YouTube video showcase.
Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel contains short product videos, each one, less than a minute in length that will highlight product features and showcase the prehistoric animal figure. Plans had been announced to add these videos to the company’s website product pages, but the plug-ins tried have failed to meet expectations over site speed. The three plug-ins tested to date have either not been able to function properly or have compromised the website’s load time.

Balancing the Needs of Customers

The intention had been to include product videos, highlighting prehistoric animal models to compliment the images found on Everything Dinosaur’s product pages. However, the three WordPress plug-ins tried either failed to work properly or compromised the website’s load speed.

Rebor hatchling Deinosuchus (Estuary variant) - the video showcase image.
Several showcase videos had been created including one of the limited-edition Rebor hatchling Deinosuchus in the estuary colour scheme. Whilst these videos will still be available on Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel they will not be featuring on the company’s website.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

Our website is quite sophisticated and we require a plug-in to be able to play embedded videos from our YouTube channel without causing conflicts with other elements of our website and not slowing down the site. So far, despite our dedicated efforts we have not found the ideal partner.”

Everything Dinosaur’s website is optimised for fast loading on all devices including mobile phones. The site loading time is a key performance indicator for the company as fast loading websites provide an enhanced customer experience.

Continuing to Look

Whilst the project has been shelved, Everything Dinosaur will continue to look for suitable plug-ins for their website so that product showcase videos can be played. These videos will still be available on the company’s YouTube channel providing potential purchasers with more information on prehistoric animal models than can be conveyed using standard images alone.

Schleich Styracosaurus video showcase
Images as well as videos had been prepared but the lack of a suitable plug-in to accommodate short product videos without compromising the loading of the website has led to the video project being suspended.

To visit Everything Dinosaur’s YouTube channel: Everything Dinosaur on YouTube.