Frogspawn in the Office Pond (2022)

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We have frogspawn in the office pond! On the morning of Wednesday March 2nd, a single batch of frogspawn was spotted in the office pond. A frog had been seen in the pond a few days earlier so team members were optimistic that spawning activity was imminent. We suspect that the first batch of spawn was laid in the early morning of the 2nd of March.

The first frogspawn of 2022 (March 2nd 2022)
The first batch of frogspawn was laid early in the morning of the 2nd of March 2022. The spawn was laid in the centre of the pond.

Seven or Eight Batches of Frogspawn

The following morning several more batches of frogspawn were spotted. In total, Everything Dinosaur team members counted seven frogs in the pond. The exact number of batches of frogspawn is difficult to calculate as the batches have been concentrated into a single area of the office pond. However, it has been estimated that there are around seven or eight batches of spawn. All the frogs are Common frogs (Rana temporaria). In 2021, frogs spawned in the office pond around the 11th of March, in 2020, it was later still around the 22nd of March.

Frogspawn in the office pond.
Much more frogspawn was laid on the 3rd of March. The frogs have spawned a week earlier than in 2021.

We shall keep watching the office pond to see if any more spawn is laid in the coming days. We look forward to the spawn hatching and observing the progress of the tadpoles.