Our thanks to John a dinosaur model collector and fan of PNSO prehistoric animals who sent into Everything Dinosaur some photographs of his recently completed PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus diorama. John was self-isolating after contracting COVID-19, we are glad to hear he is feeling much better and is looking forward to the arrival of the new for 2022 PNSO Harvey the Iguanodon model. Perhaps, there are plans for a Torvosaurus interacting with an ornithopod dinosaur diorama.

PNSO Torvosaurus dinosaur diorama (in lateral view)
This diorama featuring “Savage Lizard” stands out beautifully against the chosen backdrop. Picture credit: John.

Connor the Torvosaurus Dinosaur Model

The PNSO Torvosaurus model came into stock at Everything Dinosaur last year. It is a replica of the Late Jurassic megalosaur, one of the largest carnivorous dinosaurs described to date from this time in Earth’s history. Two species of Torvosaurus are regarded as valid T. tanneri from North America and T. gurneyi from Europe. However, just like the contemporaneous Allosaurus taxon, it is likely that more species of Torvosaurus will be named and described as existing fossil material is re-examined in conjunction with new fossil discoveries.

Connor the Torvosaurus dinosaur diorama.
The PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus dinosaur diorama. The model has been provided with a display base, a landscape and a background has been added to produce the effect of a Late Jurassic scene. Picture credit: John.

In his email to Everything Dinosaur John stated:

“Here are some photos of my Connor, use any or all of them if you wish. This is a fantastic looking model of a Torvosaurus. I love the colour scheme, stance and how fine the scales are. Detail is excellent!”

PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus dinosaur diorama (dorsal view)
The PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus model diorama shown in dorsal view. Picture credit: John.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised the diorama and commented:

“We are always delighted to receive photos of prehistoric animal scenes that have been created using the dinosaur figures that we supply. We have some very clever and creative customers.”

PNSO Torvosaurus dinosaur diorama (lateral view)
The model maker has added a base and ensured that the background textures and colours are in keeping with the dinosaur display base. Picture credit: John.

Our thanks once again to John for sending in these stunning images to Everything Dinosaur.

To view the PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus and other PNSO prehistoric animal models in stock at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Models and Figures.

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