PNSO are to add another version of the popular Doyle the Triceratops model to their scientific art range. The beautifully crafted horned dinosaur figure incorporates some of the very latest research on “three-horned face”. The stunning 1:35 scale dinosaur model will be available from Everything Dinosaur in 2022.

PNSO Doyle the Triceratops (2022)
The new for 2022 PNSO Doyle the Triceratops 1:35 scale model comes complete with a scale model of a Triceratops skull.

Updating Triceratops

One of the most famous of all the dinosaurs, Triceratops is a perennial favourite amongst dinosaur fans and model collectors. Despite having been named and scientifically described more than 130 years ago, (Marsh 1889), there is still a great deal to learn about this ceratopsian. For example, thanks to a superb fossil specimen found in Montana (USA) and now part of the vertebrate fossil collection at Melbourne Museum (Victoria, Australia), palaeontologists have a good idea about tail length and the skin texture.

The design team at PNSO pride themselves in trying to create accurate prehistoric animal models and they have incorporated some of this latest research into their 2021 reconstruction of Triceratops.

PNSO Doyle the Triceratops dinosaur model.
A beautiful model of a Late Cretaceous horned dinosaur. PNSO Doyle the Triceratops dinosaur model.

Detailed Skin Texture

Analysis of skin impressions has revealed that Triceratops had a unique arrangement of scales, unlike any other member of the Ornithischia. Preserved skin of a Triceratops specimen on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science in Texas (USA), indicates that this ceratopsian had substantial hexagonal tubercles (rounded, prominent scales) along with additional substantial (greater than 10 cm in diameter), tubercles with conical projections.

These skin impressions come from a specimen excavated in Wyoming and nick-named “Lane”. A formal scientific description has yet to be published but the photographs that have been made available suggest that Triceratops had skin somewhat reminiscent of a titanosaur like Saltasaurus.

PNSO Doyle the Triceratops model has an articlated lower jaw
The PNSO Doyle the Triceratops model has an articulated jaw.

Model Measurements

This new for 2022 Doyle the Triceratops figure measures 24.7 cm in length and the top of that skilfully sculpted neck shield stands around 10 cm high. The declared scale for this figure is 1:35. Based on this scale, an adult Triceratops would be estimated to be around 8.6 metres in length, which is within the parameters given for both T. horridus and the geologically younger T. prorsus.

PNSO Doyle the Triceratops (model measurements)
PNSO Doyle model measurements.

When the current PNSO Doyle the Triceratops figure is compared with the new for 2022 version, the figures are approximately the same height, but the 2022 version is around 1 cm shorter.

Triceratops Accessories

In addition to the superb dinosaur model, the 1:35 scale Triceratops is supplied with a detailed figure of a Triceratops skull, a series of science art posters depicting this iconic dinosaur, a booklet and a QR code which when scanned provides access to a video explaining the story behind the creation of the model.

PNSO Doyle Triceratops product packaging
The new Doyle the Triceratops is supplied with a display base, model skull, posters, art cards and booklet. A QR code can be scanned taking customers to a video that provides details on how the model was created.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that the model would be available early next year (2022).

To see the range of PNSO prehistoric animal models in stock at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.

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