Young Dinosaur Fan Receives a Special Christmas Gift

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Earlier this month (December 2021), Everything Dinosaur was emailed by a desperate mum looking for a soft toy Spinosaurus for her little boy. The soft toy nicknamed “Botasaur” by the young dinosaur fan had been lost and mum was very keen to get a replacement. Unfortunately, this line of prehistoric plush had been retired for many years and mum was getting worried as to whether she would be able to find this dinosaur in time for Christmas. If Santa was not able to produce this present, there was going to be one very sad little boy.

Finding an extinct dinosaur soft toy was a challenge our team members were happy to accept after all, if anyone can help, it would be a company called “Everything Dinosaur”.

Large Spinosaurus Soft Toy
Large dinosaur soft toy, now retired but wanted by a little boy for Christmas.

Hunting for a Special Spinosaurus

This red, Spinosaurus soft toy was part of a line that Everything Dinosaur used to stock. It was introduced in 2013 and these soft toys went out of production around 2016/2017. The first thing we did was to undertake a thorough search of our offices and warehouse, just in case there was one of these red, sail-backed dinosaurs hiding away somewhere on our premises. Sadly, no Spinosaurus was found, but we did not give up, as we put out an appeal on Everything Dinosaur’s social media pages asking if one of our fans or followers knew where one of these long-retired soft toys could be purchased.

Sure enough, within a few days we had received two messages from our social media contacts, one from America and one from the UK. We passed on this information to the mum and we have been informed that both dinosaur soft toys have been purchased and that they have both safely arrived, just in time for Christmas.

Mum emailed to thank everyone involved for their help and support commenting:

“Just to let you know that Botasaur (and spare Botasaur) have arrived and we now have a very happy junior palaeontologist. Thank you for all your help.”

Young dinosaur fan reunited with his dinosaur soft toy
Helping to unite a young boy with his lost dinosaur soft toy. Everything Dinosaur fans and followers on social media were able to make one little boy’s Christmas by finding a replacement Spinosaurus soft toy.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised the company’s fans and followers for their efforts to find a replacement soft toy and stated:

“We are delighted that this little boy has been reunited with his favourite dinosaur soft toy. We do appreciate how challenging it can be for mums if they are searching for a favourite toy that has been out of production for some time, glad our fans and followers were able to assist.”

Our thanks to everyone who helped to provide a happy ending to this story. There is going to be one incredibly happy junior palaeontologist this Christmas.