Everything Dinosaur Reviews the New CollectA Edmontosaurus Model

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Everything Dinosaur team members have produced a video review of the recently announced new for 2022 CollectA Deluxe Edmontosaurus model. In our brief video, posted up on the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel, the narrator looks at the model and outlines the research that has led to the features seen on this figure, such as the soft tissue head crest and the prominent hoof on the third finger of the hand.

Everything Dinosaur takes a look at the new for 2022 CollectA Deluxe Edmontosaurus model. Video credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Video credit: Everything Dinosaur

The Third Video in a Series of Four

The YouTube video, which lasts a little over 12 minutes, introduces the new figure and examines some of the latest research into the Edmontosaurus genus. It is the third video in a series of four. Team members producing a video every few days highlighting the new model announcements made by CollectA throughout the month of November.

CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Edmontosaurus dinosaur model
The new for 2022 CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Edmontosaurus dinosaur model. CollectA had wanted to introduce a replica of this iconic Late Cretaceous hadrosaur for some time. This 1:40 scale dinosaur model will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in 2022.

Mummified Dinosaurs

The video looks at the remarkable research into one specific dinosaur specimen. A mummified Edmontosaurus specimen nicknamed “Dakota”. The narrator explains how “dinosaur mummies” are formed and looks at the particular circumstances that led to the remarkable preservation of the “Dakota” specimen, the fossilised remains of an Edmontosaurus annectens, that were found in North Dakota, hence the specimen’s nickname.

The fossil specimen “Dakota” is on display at the North Dakota Heritage Centre and State Museum and research into this remarkable fossil is on-going.

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Edmontosaurus Video – Question of the Day

The design team at CollectA had been wanting to create a model of this Late Cretaceous ornithischian dinosaur for some time. In our video, we look at the reason why the model has been given dark stripes on its flank and tail. We look at the fossil evidence for a soft crest and examine recent photographs that reveal that Edmontosaurus had an enlarged, weight-bearing third finger with a hoof-like nail. The narrator explains why the neck scales on the new for 2022 CollectA Edmontosaurus look very different from the scales seen on the rest of the dinosaur figure and accurate model measurements are provided.

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CollectA Deluxe Edmontosaurus

As part of our planned engagement with our customers and fans of the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel we like to ask a question in our CollectA videos. For example, at the moment, there is a Deluxe Parasaurolophus in the CollectA 1:40 scale range, this is to be joined next year by the 1:40 scale Edmontosaurus, which brings us to this query – what other Late Cretaceous duck-billed dinosaur would you like CollectA to add to their CollectA Deluxe series?

We pass on feedback to our chums at CollectA.

A view of the head of the CollectA Edmontosaurus
A close-up view of the head of the Edmontosaurus replica with its prominent crest made of soft tissue. This crest reflects the evidence of a soft tissue comb reported in 2013 following the analysis of the skull of an Edmontosaurus regalis.

The new CollectA Deluxe 1:40 scale Edmontosaurus dinosaur model is due to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur next year (2022).

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