New Rebor Saurophaganax Notorious Big

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Those talented model makers at Rebor are to add a replica of the Late Jurassic theropod Saurophaganax to their range. This 1:35 scale dinosaur figure, which comes in three different colour versions should be in stock at Everything Dinosaur around March 2022.

These replicas of Saurophaganax maximus will be available in “Badlands”, “Jungle” and “Volcanic Cavern” colour schemes and each dinosaur model will have an articulated lower jaw and moveable arms.

Rebor Saurophaganax dinosaur model "Badlands"
REBOR 1:35 Saurophaganax maximus Museum Class Replica “Notorious Big” in the “Badlands” colour scheme.

Saurophaganax maximus

Saurophaganax is regarded by many palaeontologists as the largest carnivorous dinosaur known from the Morrison Formation of the western United States. Size estimates vary, but it has been suggested that this huge predator could have reached a length of around 13-14 metres and weighed in excess of 3 tonnes. The original fossil material used to describe this genus was found in 1931 in Cimarron County (Oklahoma). The genus Saurophagus was erected in 1941, but it was later discovered that this scientific name was already occupied. The debate continues as to whether this dinosaur is a valid genus or examples of exceptionally large Allosaurus.

Rebor Saurophaganax maximus dinosaur model (jungle colour variant).
The Rebor Saurophaganax maximus Museum Class replica in the “Jungle” colour scheme. All three colour variants will be available from Everything Dinosaur.

The fossil material from the 1930’s was re-examined by palaeontologist Daniel Chure and in 1995 the genus Saurophaganax was established, although it is still regarded as “nomen dubium” by some scientists. Hopefully, fossil material recently found in New Mexico will confirm the taxonomic status of S. maximus. The genus name translates as “greatest lizard-eater” whilst the trivial or specific epithet reflects the huge size of this theropod.

Rebor Saurophaganax Model Measurements

All three of these stunning, new for 2022 dinosaur models are 41.5 cm long. The head height is around 13 cm. The declared scale for these figures is 1/35th so they will fit well with other Rebor theropod replicas. Based on size estimates of between 10.5 metres and 14 metres long, team members assess the approximate scale of this figure to be between 1:25 and 1:34. Given the variation in dinosaur size proposed by palaeontologists and the difficulties of assigning a maximum size to dinosaurs, team members consider the stated scale on the packaging to be reasonable when all factors are considered.

Rebor Saurophaganax volcanic cavern colour scheme
The impressive Rebor Saurophaganax maximus dinosaur model in the “Volcanic Cavern” colour scheme.

Confirming that the intention was to have these figures despatched from the factory before the start of the Chinese New Year holidays, a spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that they were looking forward to receiving all three colour variants and that they should be in stock sometime around March 2022.

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