Everything Dinosaur will be stocking the PNSO Aidan the Cretoxyrhina model. This fantastic model of a Late Cretaceous prehistoric shark is already on a shipment of PNSO models and figures heading into Everything Dinosaur and the UK-based company hope to have this model in stock in early December (2021).

PNSO Aidan the Cretoxyrhina.
The PNSO Aidan the Cretoxyrhina prehistoric shark model.

Cretoxyrhina mantelli

The type species, Cretoxyrhina mantelli honours the English dentist and palaeontologist Gideon Mantell who first coined the genus name when describing eight fossil shark teeth found in East Sussex. The genus name translates from the Latin as “Cretaceous sharp-nose”.

Mantell thought that the teeth from East Sussex were analogous with living species of shark such as the Common Smooth-hound shark (Mustelus mustelus), which is found around British coasts. The Common Smooth-hound has a pointed nose, so it was surmised that the fossil shark possessed a similar anatomy. Most palaeontologists believe that this large predator had a relatively blunt snout similar to that of the modern Great White (Carcharodon carcharias). The new PNSO Cretoxyrhina model, the first mainstream replica of Cretoxyrhina to be produced, has been given a blunt snout reminiscent to an extant Great White.

PNSO Aidan the Cretoxyrhina
The PNSO Cretoxyrhina shark model is reminiscent of the extant Great White. It is thought that Cretoxyrhina occupied a similar ecological niche in the Late Cretaceous marine ecosystem.

PNSO Cretoxyrhina Model Measurements

Although the PNSO mid-size model range does not have a declared scale, team members from Everything Dinosaur estimate that the model, when considered in relation to an 8-metre-long C. mantelli specimen, would be in approximately 1:40 scale.

PNSO Cretoxyrhina model measurements.
The PNSO Aidan the Cretoxyrhina figure measures 20 cm in length, although the curve of the model makes it slightly longer.

In Stock at Everything Dinosaur December 2021?

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur confirmed that they had known about this new PNSO prehistoric shark model for some time and that, as a result, they had been able to ensure that this figure was shipped over on a vessel that had already left China by the time of the formal product announcement. With the huge problems with global logistics, the ship had been delayed and more problems are to be expected, but with luck, this exciting new PNSO figure should be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in early December (2021).

PNSO Aidan the Cretoxyrhina is supplied with a poster/art booklet.
The PNSO Cretoxyrhina is supplied with a poster and a booklet showcasing the art of Zhao Chuang.

Supplied with a Poster and a Booklet

The PNSO Aidan the Cretoxyrhina figure is supplied with a poster featuring the shark attacking a mosasaur and a 64-page booklet that highlights the artwork of Zhao Chuang.

PNSO Cretoxyrhina poster and booklet.
The PNSO Aidan the Cretoxyrhina prehistoric shark model is supplied with a sci-art poster and a 64-page booklet.

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