PNSO Tucson the Himalayasaurus

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PNSO will add a replica of the giant, Late Triassic ichthyosaur Himalayasaurus to their mid-size model range. The replica called Tucson the Himalayasaurus is part of a shipment of PNSO prehistoric animal figures that are already heading towards our UK warehouse. We expect to have this exciting, new marine reptile model in stock in just a few weeks.

PNSO Tucson the Himalayasaurus (anterior view)
The PNSO Tucson the Himalayasaurus, a fantastic replica of a giant ichthyosaur.

Himalayasaurus tibetensis

Named and described by the highly influential Chinese palaeontologist Dong Zhiming in 1972, Himalayasaurus (H. tibetensis), is known from fragmentary remains. Its body size is uncertain, but comparisons with better-known members of the Ichthyosauria, specifically other large-bodied ichthyosaurs within the Shastosauridae family suggest that this marine reptile could have been more than 15 metres long and weighed in excess of 40 tonnes.

PNSO Himalayasaurus
The new for 2021 PNSO Tucson the Himalayasaurus model.

PNSO Himalayasaurus Model Measurements

The PNSO Himalayasaurus model measures 31 cm long. The actual model measures a total of 32.8 cm when the curvature of the replica is considered. The distance between the dorsal fin and the bottom lobe of the asymmetrical caudal fin is 7 cm.

PNSO do not publish a scale for their mid-size models. However, based on the curved length of the figure and the size estimate of Himalayasaurus postulated by palaeontologists, team members at Everything Dinosaur suggest that Tucson the Himalayasaurus is in approximately 1:45 scale.

PNSO Tucson the Himalayasaurus model measurements
The PNSO Tucson the Himalayasaurus measures 31 cm in length. The curved length of this marine reptile model is 32.8cm and the height 7 cm.

PNSO Tucson the Himalayasaurus

Everything Dinosaur team members are not sure why this particular marine reptile model has been named “Tucson”, what we are certain about is that this stunning figure will be supplied with two transparent support stands to help the model to be displayed.

Product packaging - PNSO Himalayasaurus
The product packaging for the PNSO Himalayasaurus marine reptile model. The figure is supplied with two transparent support stands to help the model to be displayed.

In Stock at Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson for Everything Dinosaur confirmed that the PNSO Tucson the Himalayasaurus would be in stock at Everything Dinosaur possibly as early as November (2021). The spokesperson added:

“We have known about this exciting model for a while. The Himalayasaurus and other new for 2021 PNSO figures are already on the water heading for a UK port. It is wonderful to see PNSO bringing out more prehistoric marine animals to add to their recently introduced Helicoprion, Dunkleosteus, Basilosaurus, Tylosaurus and Kronosaurus models”.

To view the range of PNSO prehistoric animal models currently in stock at Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Age of Dinosaurs.