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Team members at Everything Dinosaur have produced a helpful video for the Everything Dinosaur YouTube channel that not only showcases the excellent ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus sinensis model, but also discusses the steps required to legally import this figure and to offer it for sale.

The video, which lasts around seven minutes, discusses the work done to get this model independently tested with Eurofins and permits dinosaur model collectors the opportunity to get a really good look at this collectable. Model measurements are provided including a measurement of that impressive neck frill and the narrator discusses the influence of the 1993 film “Jurassic Park” on Dilophosaurus model designs.

Dilophosaurus sinensis and Sinosaurus triassicus

As part of Everything Dinosaur’s commitment to help educate and inform, the video also addresses the thorny question as to whether Dilophosaurus sinensis is a valid dinosaur taxon. Similarities between the fossil material assigned to D. sinensis and fossils associated with the theropod Sinosaurus (S. triassicus) have been recorded. Some scientists including the eminent and highly influential Dong Zhiming have proposed that Dilophosaurus sinensis should be regarded as a junior synonym of Sinosaurus – our short video reviews the current position regarding these two taxa and shows line drawings and photographs of some of the fossils.

Everything Dinosaur ensures products are tested.
Everything Dinosaur team members have ensured that they have carried out their legal responsibilities by getting the ITOY Studio Dilophosaurus independently tested by Eurofins. In their latest YouTube video, the requirements to get this figure cleared for legal sale are explained.

A Different Species or an Entirely Different Genus

The video looks at some of the fossil evidence that suggests that Dilophosaurus sinensis could be a different species of Sinosaurus, a sister taxon to Sinosaurus triassicus or perhaps this enigmatic Early Jurassic theropod could have been an entirely different genus.

Dilophosaurus sinensis (Sinosaurus triassicus) life reconstruction
A life reconstruction of the Early Jurassic Chinese theropod Dilophosaurus sinensis (Sinosaurus triassicus). Picture credit: Zhao Chuang.

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