Rare CollectA Models in Stock

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Team members at Everything Dinosaur have managed to obtain some rare and out of production CollectA prehistoric life animal models. The officially retired CollectA Olorotitan and the CollectA Eustreptospondylus are back in stock at Everything Dinosaur. The CollectA Thylacine female is also available whilst stocks last.

The CollectA Thylacine replica.
The CollectA Thylacine model was retired and is officially out of production. However, Everything Dinosaur as been able to obtain a limited stock of this extremely rare figure from the factory. It is available whilst stocks last (autumn 2021).

CollectA Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) Female

The CollectA Thylacine was introduced back in 2016. It proved popular with model collectors, biologists and cryptozoologists. Sadly, just like the real animal, the figure became extinct when it was retired and withdrawn from production a couple of years ago.

Fortunately, team members at Everything Dinosaur were able to use their considerable influence with the factory to secure a small supply of this exceptionally rare figure.

CollectA Eustreptospondylus dinosaur model
The CollectA Eustreptospondylus model. A replica of the British theropod dinosaur Eustreptospondylus. This dinosaur figure was officially retired some time ago, but Everything Dinosaur has been able to obtain a limited stock of this rare figure (autumn 2021).

The CollectA Eustreptospondylus Dinosaur Model

This replica of a British theropod dinosaur was part of the second batch of CollectA/Procon models to be released back in 2008. It was withdrawn from production some time ago and it is hoped that the design team at CollectA might introduce an updated figure. However, for a limited time Everything Dinosaur is able to offer this dinosaur model once again.

CollectA Olorotitan dinosaur model.
The CollectA Olorotitan dinosaur model. A fabulous model of this Late Cretaceous hadrosaur.

CollectA Olorotitan

CollectA added a replica of the duck-billed dinosaur Olorotitan to their Prehistoric Life range in 2009, not long after the CollectA Eustreptospondylus was introduced. Known from the Amur region of far eastern Russia, Olorotitan was one of the very last of the non-avian members of the Dinosauria to go extinct. The model was retired some years ago and some collectors, who may have missed it first time around, now have the opportunity to add this hadrosaur model to their prehistoric animal model collection.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur explained:

“Sometimes we get lucky! We are able to find rare and out of production figures in a factory or warehouse somewhere that might have been overlooked. We don’t have many of these figures, after all, they were all retired a while ago, but at least we can give collectors the opportunity to pick up these replicas and we don’t increase our prices just because a figure is rare.”

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