In May of this year (2021), the excellent Wild Past Tethyshadros pair arrived at Everything Dinosaur. This dinosaur figure set featured two models of the dwarf hadrosauroid from north-eastern Italy, which was formally named and described in 2009.

Wild Past Tethyshadros packaging
The front of the Wild Past Tethyshadros box. Whilst unpacking the Tethyshadros pair, a cardboard box was found inside one of the cartons. It turned out not to be part of the packing material to help protect the figures, but inside the box Everything Dinosaur team members found a little surprise.

As team members unpacked these models, a small cardboard box was discovered inside one of the cartons. At the time, this was thought to be part of the packing material, the box being thoughtfully added to ensure the boxes containing the 1:35 scale Tethyshadros models were fully protected. It was put to one side in our warehouse and remained unopened.

A team member came across the box this morning, curious as to what it might contain, it was carefully opened and inside a small model of the dwarf titanosaur Magyarosaurus was discovered.

Wild Past Magyarosaurus dinosaur model box.
The box containing the Magyarosaurus model was thought to be additional product packaging protection in the Wild Past Tethyshadros pair consignment and the model was not discovered until this morning.

A Magyarosaurus Figure

Stefan, the German entrepreneur behind the Wild Past brand had included the little model as a gift, a token of appreciation for the support and assistance provided by Everything Dinosaur.

A note from Stefan accompanying the Magyarosaurus model was also discovered, the note said:

Additionally, to the delivery I send you a small thank you for your ongoing support. It is our little 1:35 Magyarosaurus resin model. Hope you like it”.

Holding the Wild Past Magyarosaurus dinosaur model.
The Wild Past Magyarosaurus dinosaur model, a little token of appreciation sent to Everything Dinosaur.

Dwarf Titanosaur from the Hateg Basin

The Magyarosaurus genus has one certain species assigned to it (M. dacus), although slightly larger fossil material has been assigned to a second species – Magyarosaurus hungaricus but these fossils might represent a separate taxon. The beautiful model demonstrates the skill and creativity of Wild Past. The team members at Everything Dinosaur were delighted to receive their gift.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It was very kind of Stefan to include this token of appreciation amongst the Tethyshadros models. We have emailed him and thanked him for his gift and apologised for the tardiness of our response. We did not open the box containing the model and his note until this morning”.

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