The excellent Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri dinosaur model is in stock at Everything Dinosaur. The replica of a Brazilian dinosaur, created by a Brazilian design team has reached our warehouse and prehistoric animal model collectors can now acquire this figure from a 5-star rated supplier.

The Irritator challengeri dinosaur model
An Everything Dinosaur team member holds the Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri dinosaur model, which in turn is holding in its claws the replica of a lungfish (Equinoxiodus alcantarensis) which is supplied as an accessory with this dinosaur figure along with an optional display base.

Product Testing

Team members at the UK-based company secured a sample of this dinosaur figure which then went into product testing with the independent product testing company Eurofins. The figure may be designed for collectors over 14 years of age and it might be marketed as a 14+ figure but Everything Dinosaur prudently took the decision to get this model assessed under the General Product Safety Directive, before committing to stocking it. After all, consumer safety and the well-being of our customers are matters that Everything Dinosaur takes very seriously.

We documented our testing work on the Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri figure in a series of posts and YouTube videos.

Irritator challengeri product safety tests
The independent product safety test under the General Product Safety Directive for the YvY Figures Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri 1:20 scale dinosaur model.

A 1:20 Scale Theropod Model

The impressive theropod model measures around 37 cm in length and the optional display base is approximately 19 cm long and 8 cm in width at its widest part. YvY Figures who are the company behind the Dino Hazard brand state that the Irritator figure is in approximately 1:20 scale.

Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri box contents
The Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri is supplied with an optional display base and a lungfish prey item.

Optional Display Base

Whilst there is much to be admired in the details on the display base, the model does not sit well in the footprints. Everything Dinosaur advises that if collectors want to display this figure on the base, then steps are taken to ensure that the figure is permanently fixed to the base. It should be noted that the dinosaur model was designed with the appropriate weight distribution and it can stand without the base.

Displaying the Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri dinosaur model
The Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri dinosaur model can be displayed on or off its base. If the model is displayed on its optional display base, then Everything Dinosaur recommends that this figure is glued to the base.
Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri - a close-up view of the head
A close-up view of the articulated jaw on the Dino Hazard Irritator dinosaur model. The Irritator has an articulated jaw.

Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri Model

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur stated:

“This is the first prehistoric animal figure under the Dino Hazard brand, more figures are planned including an excellent Carcharodontosaurus model. We have offered our assistance to YvY Figures and already provided them with advice to help get this second project off the ground and running. As for the Dino Hazard Irritator challengeri model, we are delighted to act as a legal importer and distributor for this excellent figure”.

For the time being, the Dino Hazard Irritator has been placed in the W-Dragon section of the Everything Dinosaur website, this has been done until YvY Figures have more models in their inventory so we can provide a dedicated product section for the Dino Hazard brand.

To view the W-Dragon figures and the new Dino Hazard Irritator model: Find the Dino Hazard Irritator Model Here.