PNSO to Add a Beautiful Dunkleosteus

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PNSO will be adding a replica of the prehistoric fish Dunkleosteus to their mid-size model range. This stunning placoderm model will be in stock at Everything Dinosaur in the autumn (2021).

PNSO the Dunkleosteus a close up view of jaw
A close-up view of the articulated head and jaws of the PNSO Dunkleosteus model.

A Perfect Placoderm

Those clever and talented people at PNSO have increased their range of mid-size prehistoric animal models dramatically over the last 12 months or so. For example, Zaha the Dunkleosteus is the second prehistoric fish to be introduced, after the announcement of Haylee the Helicoprion earlier this year. Dunkleosteus is a firm favourite amongst prehistoric animal model collectors, with a number of replicas of this Late Devonian terror already on the market, but we at Everything Dinosaur suspect that the PNSO Dunkleosteus figure is going to be very popular.

Zaha the Dunkleosteus (PNSO)
A stunning model of a placoderm – the PNSO Dunkleosteus model.

Zaha the Dunkleosteus

The Placodermi are famous for their armoured heads, but they were also the first fish to evolve pelvic fins, an important evolutionary step that was later reflected in the first tetrapods. Dunkleosteus was one of the last placoderms to evolve and at approximately 6 metres in length, it was an apex marine predator during the Late Devonian. The cleverly designed PNSO model reflects the hinged armoured plates associated with the head shield and this figure has been engineered in such a way to permit an articulated lower jaw to be added.

PNSO Zaha the Dunkleosteus has an articulated jaw
The PNSO Zaha the Dunkleosteus has an articulated jaw and armoured plates.

Commenting on the Scale of Zaha the Dunkleosteus

PNSO do not declare a scale size for their mid-size model range. However, the model measures around 23 cm in length and based on an adult Dunkleosteus terrelli which could have been 6 metres long, then this figure is in approximately 1:26 scale.

Ten species of Dunkleosteus have been described. The body plan and the maximum size of this fish is unknown. Some commentators have suggested that D. terrelli could have been up to 10 metres long. If this is the case, then a 23 cm long model would be in approximately 1:43 scale.

PNSO Zaha the Dunkleosteus model measurements
The PNSO Zaha the Dunkleosteus measures 23 cm in length and the caudal fin stands some 7.5 cm tall.

PNSO’s Placoderm – Zaha the Dunkleosteus

Several beautifully preserved fossils of the armoured head of Dunkleosteus have been found, but very little is known about the posterior portions of this fish. In the PNSO model a sloping dorsal fin has been placed quite far along the back of the animal, directly over the paired pectoral and pelvic fins. The PNSO model has been given a heterocercal tail, with an extended dorsal lobe of the tail fin and a much less prominent ventral lobe. This reflects what has been seen in smaller placoderm fossils and a heterocercal tail is commonly seen in many living sharks.

PNSO Zaha the Dunkleosteus
PNSO Zaha the Dunkleosteus the second prehistoric fish to the PNSO mid-size model range after Haylee the Helicoprion.

The sleek and supple body shape given by PNSO to their Dunkleosteus replica supports the hypothesis that the largest members of this genus were active, nektonic predators of ocean surface waters.

PNSO Zaha the Dunkleosteus product packaging
The product packaging for the new for 2021 PNSO Dunkleosteus model.

In Stock in the Autumn of 2021

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur praised PNSO for introducing a replica of the iconic Devonian predator Dunkleosteus into the mid-size model range and confirmed that this figure will be in stock at the UK-based company in the autumn of 2021.

Dunkleosteus on display.
A spectacular Dunkleosteus exhibit. A museum display showing the armoured head and thorax of the giant Devonian predator Dunkleosteus terrelli.  Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur

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