Recreating a Scene from a Famous Monster Movie

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A dinosaur model fan has used his latest T. rex model purchase to depict a famous scene from the 1933 movie “King Kong”. With the acquisition of the Rebor 1:35 80s T-REX Toy HD Remastered “Californiacation” VHS figure, collector and Everything Dinosaur customer Luke sent us some photographs of the iconic King Kong and T. rex battle from the film that he had carefully recreated.

King Kong and T. rex encounter
Ann Darrow is confronted by the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex. Picture credit: Luke.

The female lead in the film, Ann Darrow (played by Fay Wray), is found by a large, meat-eating dinosaur. Dinosaur model collector Luke has cleverly recreated the famous T. rex and Kong battle. The original fight was created using models and stop motion animation by the legendary Willis O’Brien, a pioneer in film animation and special effects.

King Kong is confronted by Tyrannosaurus rex.
King Kong is confronted by Tyrannosaurus rex. Picture credit: Luke.

King Kong Returns

King Kong, alerted by Ann’s screams returns to confront the Tyrannosaurus rex. An illustration of T. rex created by the American artist Charles Robert Knight is believed to have been the inspiration behind the T. rex figure from the 1933 movie.

King Kong versus T. rex
The tree has been knocked down as T. rex and King Kong do battle.

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A Box Office Hit!

The film which was directed and produced by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack was a commercial success although it did not win any notable awards or indeed any Academy Award nominations. This can be explained in part as at the time of its release there was no award category for special effects.

King Kong fights T. rex
King Kong fights Tyrannosaurus rex. Depicting a famous scene from the 1933 movie. Picture credit: Luke.

It is thought the iconic T. rex versus Kong stop motion fight took 7 weeks to complete. Everything Dinosaur team members suspect that it took dinosaur model fan Luke slightly less time to produce his own homage to the 1933 film.

King Kong rip the mouth of Tyrannosaurus rex
The famous scene in which King Kong kills a dinosaur. Picture credit: Luke.

Spawning a Monster Movie Career

Often cited as one of the most influential movies of all time, the 1933 film has inspired numerous monster films and the giant ape character has appeared in several further pictures, most recently in the 2021 release “Godzilla versus Kong” (2021), a film directed by the American Adam Wingard which opened in March of this year (2021) to much critical acclaim and success.

King Kong celebrates killing a dinosaur.
King Kong celebrates killing a dinosaur. A famous scene from the 1933 movie “King Kong”. Picture credit; Luke.
Recreating a famous scene from a monster movie.
Recreating a famous scene from a monster movie. King Kong celebrates his victory. Picture credit: Luke.

Using Dinosaur Models in an Innovative Way

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented that Luke had used the new Rebor 1:35 80s T-REX Toy HD Remastered “Californiacation” VHS in a very creative and innovative way and praised the collector for his imagination and ambition.

Rebor retro T. rex and Rebor Gorilla model.
A titanic confrontation! The Rebor 1:35 80s T. rex Toy HD Remastered “Californiacation” VHS stands toe-to-toe with the Rebor Alpha Male Gorilla model (Patriarch). Picture credit: Everything Dinosaur.

The Everything Dinosaur spokesperson added:

“Rebor recently introduced a 1/11th scale model of a mountain gorilla and this figure can be used with various T. rex replicas to recreate iconic scenes from monster movies. We are grateful to Luke for sharing his photographs with us“.

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