Recreating a Famous T. rex Illustration

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Our thanks to dinosaur model fan and collector Luke who sent into Everything Dinosaur a photograph recreating a famous Charles R. Knight painting that features Tyrannosaurus rex confronting a herd of Triceratops. Having purchased the Rebor 1:35 scale Vintage Palaeoart Tyrannosaurus rex “Mesozoic Rhapsody” Valley, Luke was inspired to recreate the Charles R. Knight illustration that shows a short-faced Tyrannosaurus rex threatening a group of horned dinosaurs. The Triceratops models in the image sent to us by Luke are from the Papo range (Papo Triceratops dinosaur model).

Recreating a famous Charles R. Knight T. rex painting
Luke recreates a famous Charles R. Knight painting using a pair of Papo Triceratops dinosaur models and the Rebor 1:35 scale Vintage Palaeoart Tyrannosaurus rex “Mesozoic Rhapsody” Valley dinosaur model. Picture credit: Luke.

The Original Tyrannosaurus rex Artwork

Charles Robert Knight (1874-1953), was an American artist, regarded as one of the most influential illustrators of prehistoric animals in the 20th century. His artwork appears in many museums, most notably the American Museum of Natural History (New York). He was commissioned to produce a life restoration of an entelodont for the Museum. Using his knowledge of anatomy and living animals he created a most impressive artwork, so much so that Dr Jacob Wortman of the American Museum of Natural History commissioned Knight to create a series of illustrations and murals for the galleries.

We at Everything Dinosaur are not sure when the T. rex and Triceratops artwork was produced but some sources have suggested 1919.  It is a very famous T. rex illustration.

Charles R. Knight T. rex and Triceratops
The famous Charles R. Knight illustration of a Tyrannosaurus rex confronting a trio of Triceratops dinosaurs including a juvenile. Picture Credit: American Museum of Natural History.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“Our congratulations to Rebor fan Luke who has used his latest Rebor acquisition to recreate a famous piece of palaeoart. We think that Charles R. Knight would have been quite flattered to see his work from around a hundred years ago imitated in this way.”

Rebor Retrosaurs

Rebor have introduced two dinosaur figures into their “Retrosaurs” range of prehistoric animals. Joining “Mesozoic Rhapsody” is the Rebor 1:35 80s T-REX Toy HD Remastered “Californiacation” VHS. This range pays tribute to the way in which dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex were depicted in the 20th century.

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