A Little Teaser from Everything Dinosaur

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Just for a bit of fun, Everything Dinosaur team members have created a little teaser for their fans and customers, can you identify the model from the image we have posted? There are no prizes, but our knowledgeable customers can be assured that they have our total respect if they can identify the prehistoric animal model from the image below.

Can you guess the prehistoric animal model?
Can you guess the prehistoric animal model from the image that Everything Dinosaur has posted? There are no prizes or awards on offer, but are you up to the challenge and can you identify the prehistoric animal model just from its silhouette?

Very Well-informed Customers, Fans and Followers of Everything Dinosaur

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“We are constantly amazed how well-informed and knowledgeable our customers, fans and followers on the Everything Dinosaur social media platforms are. We like to set little quizzes and tests from time to time just to keep them on their mettle, but we have not been able to get the better of our customer base to date.”

There are no prizes or awards on offer, just the satisfaction of having got the better of the Everything Dinosaur team members.

As a clue, we can say that several species have been assigned to this genus. It is a prehistoric mammal and perhaps, one of the largest terrestrial mammals to have ever lived. Can you guess?

We will reveal the answer next week (week commencing 9th August 2021), providing an update on this exciting prehistoric animal replica.

In the meantime, Everything Dinosaur stocks a huge range of dinosaur and prehistoric animal models and figures on its user-friendly and award-winning website: Everything Dinosaur Prehistoric Animal Models and Figures.