Since its publication last month, the storybook entitled “The Plesiosaur’s Neck” by Dr Adam S. Smith and Jonathan Emmett with splendid illustrations courtesy of Adam Larkum has been selling well.

"The Plesiosaur's Neck"
“The Plesiosaur’s Neck” by Dr Adam S. Smith and Jonathan Emmett with illustrations by Adam Larkum. This delightful and imaginative tale of why plesiosaurs had long necks has been well received by fans of the Plesiosauria of all ages.

A Tale of a Neck

This delightful children’s book features Poppy an Albertonectes, a plesiosaur and member of the Elasmosauridae family. Albertonectes once swam in the sea in what is now the Canadian Province of Alberta. This Cretaceous marine reptile had an enormous 7-metre-long neck, which was longer than the rest of its body. It had an amazing 76 cervical vertebrae, more than any other elasmosaurid described to date. Poppy the plesiosaur, as an adult Albertonectes, had the longest neck of any elasmosaur known to science.

Our congratulations to Dr Adam Smith and Jonathan Emmett for putting together such a delightful book that combines palaeontology with such an enjoyable tale. Praise too, to the very talented award-winning illustrator Adam Larkum for his super illustrations.

We are sure that Alfie the ammonite and Bella the belemnite that chime in with comments would approve of all the fabulous reviews this book has received.

It’s a great book that will entertain and enthral young readers from 5 years and upwards.

“The Plesiosaurs Neck” ISBN number 9781912979424 is available now (2021). Published by Uclan Publishing. Priced at £7.99 it can be purchased here: Uclan Publishing.