The Rare PNSO Bronze Sinosauropteryx

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Our thanks to dinosaur and prehistoric animal model and figure collector Anne who sent into Everything Dinosaur some pictures of the stunning, limited-edition PNSO bronze Sinosauropteryx figure that she had recently purchased from us. Marketed as the “Galley Series”, only 300 of these remarkable sculptures have been produced.

PNSO Yuyan the Sinosauropteryx Bronze sculpture
The limited edition PNSO Yuyan the Sinosauropteryx Bronze sculpture the box (left) the beautiful statue in its foam packaging (middle) and the model with its box cover (right).  Picture credit: Anne.

Limited-edition Bronze Dinosaur Statues

Of the 300 sculptures only a handful have been made available for sale outside of China. As Everything Dinosaur has the longest relationship with PNSO of any company based outside China, we were given special permission to bring some of these fantastic figures out of China and to our warehouse in the UK.

PNSO Yuyan the Sinosauropteryx limited edition bronze sculpture
The PNSO Yuyan the Sinosauropteryx limited edition bronze sculpture with its information cards, illustration and certificate of authenticity (left), the statue itself (middle and right).  Picture credit: Anne

The PNSO Yuyan the Sinosauropteryx bronze statue is in 1:3 scale and comes in a beautiful presentation box complete with a certificate of authenticity, a Zhao Chuang Sinosauropteryx illustration and notes from Zhao Chuang and Yang Yang.

Views of the PNSO Yuyan the Sinosauropteryx Bronze Sculpture

This beautiful figure will take pride of place in the family home and it was very kind of Anne to send some pictures to Everything Dinosaur of her latest acquisition.

PNSO Bronze Sinosauropteryx statue
Views of the PNSO Yuyan the Sinosauropteryx limited edition bronze sculpture.  Picture credit: Anne.

The model measures a fraction under 17.5 cm high and the figure is 17 cm long.

PNSO Bronze Sinosauropteryx statue.
More views of the spectacular PNSO Bronze Sinosauropteryx statue, a stunning limited edition figure.  Picture credit: Anne.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“The bronze 1:3 scale Yuyan the Sinosauropteryx was created to celebrate 10th anniversary of PNSO. It is wonderful to be able to supply these exceptionally rare and beautiful figures to our customers.”

PNSO bronze Sinosauropteryx statue
A close-up view of the jaws of the stunning PNSO bronze Sinosauropteryx statue and confirmation (right) that this sculpture is just one of 300 made in total. Picture credit: Anne.

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