The New Connor the Torvosaurus

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Today, Everything Dinosaur in collaboration with PNSO announce another exciting addition to PNSO’s mid-size model range – a stunning replica of the Late Jurassic theropod Torvosaurus. Say hello to Connor the Torvosaurus.

Connor the PNSO Torvosaurus is likely to be in stock at Everything Dinosaur later in the summer.

PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus
The new for 2021 PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus dinosaur model, a stunning replica of a Late Jurassic apex predator.

PNSO Theropod Dinosaurs

Hot on the heels of the recently announced Tarbosaurus figure comes news of this Torvosaurus replica, another fantastic figure of an apex predator for dinosaur fans and model collectors to drool over. Two species are currently assigned to this genus – T. tanneri which was formally named in 1979 and the European T. gurneyi. Torvosaurus gurneyi was scientifically described just seven years ago.

Fossil remains attributed to Torvosaurus have been found as far afield as the western United States, Portugal and possibly southern England, South America and Tanzania. There may be more species to be added but for the time being, dinosaur model fans have this beautiful PNSO replica to admire.

Visit the website of Everything Dinosaur: Dinosaur Models and Toys.

PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus dinosaur model
A close view of the detailed and beautifully crafted head of Connor the Torvosaurus dinosaur model from PNSO.

PNSO Torvosaurus Model Measurements

The latest addition to the rapidly expanding PNSO mid-size model range measures 29.5 cm long from the tip of its robust snout to the end of its lengthy, tapering tail. The model stands approximately 8.5 cm high. Although PNSO do not publish a scale size for their mid-size model range, Everything Dinosaur estimate that based on a fully grown adult size of around 10 metres, this dinosaur model is approximately in 1:33 scale.

PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus dinosaur model (measurements).
The dinosaur model measures an impressive 29.5 cm in length and the top of the head is some 8.5 cm off the ground.

Supplied with a Transparent Stand

As with other recent PNSO dinosaur models representing bipeds, Connor the Torvosaurus is supplied with a handy, transparent support stand.

PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus with a support stand
This bipedal dinosaur model is supplied with a transparent stand to help to stabilise the model when displayed.

A spokesperson from Everything Dinosaur commented:

“It is great to see this latest introduction into the PNSO model portfolio. There are not too many Torvosaurus figures about and this one is bound to get dinosaur fans roaring with delight”.

The PNSO Torvosaurus has an articulated jaw
The beautifully sculpted PNSO Connor the Torvosaurus has an articulated lower jaw and prominent horns over the eyes.

Connor the PNSO Torvosaurus is expected in stock later in the summer. To view the existing range of PNSO models and figures available from Everything Dinosaur: PNSO Dinosaur Models and Prehistoric Animal Figures.